Chemjet Tree Injectors

Based on Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia, Chemjet Trading Pty Ltd. A.B.N. 88 010 755 745 was established in 1986 by August Gorissen. August and his wife Astrid originally owned an avocado plantation, and developed the Chemjet Tree Injector as a means to counteract diseases that were threatening their crop.

The Gorissen’s found that `injection’ with Phosphorous acid was the only effective method of treating the devastating Phytophthora disease in their trees causing root rot, trunk cancers and fruit rot.

Realising that the injector could be of enormous benefit to growers around the world, the Gorissen’s researched their method to develop and patent the Chemjet® Tree Injector.

Today the device is used in many countries, and is readily accepted as one of the most effective and environmentally sustainable methods for control of Phytopthora diseases and Insect pests.


Simpson Farms has been using Chemjet tree injectors for over 10 years to control Phytophthora with phosphorous acid in our orchard of 200,000 avocado trees. The Chemjet tree injector provides a reliable and effective delivery method of the chemical for the protection of the trees’ root system against Phytophthora. In addition, the Chemjet tree injector has been solidly constructed with interchangeable or replacement parts, keeping our capital costs low, with many of our 5000+ injectors still in use after 5 years.

Chad Simpson
Agronomist Di. Ap Sc. (Agronomy)

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