Top 10 reasons to buy Chemjet Tree Injectors

1. Chemjet’s high quality stainless steel spring allows injection uptake up to 3-4 times faster than low air pressure injectors. Therefore, with Chemjet injectors you can do many more injections per day. This means instead of buying 100 low air pressure injectors you only need 25-33 Chemjet injectors to do the same number of trees per day. This results in an overall cost savings by buying Chemjet injectors instead of low air pressure injectors.

2. Chemjet has a much sturdier and more durable construction. Developed and improved over 25 years in the market place, means a much longer usable life from the injector.

3. Chemjet has a high quality double seal rather than an o-ring. This means longer life with no leakage of product back into the barrel of the injector.

4. Chemjet comes with a 1 year warranty.

5. Chemjet’s smaller entry tip means smaller entry wound in the tree with less damage and faster healing.

6. Chemjet’s spring loaded system allows injection on vertical, horizontal or overhead angles which means quicker and less labour intensive.

7. Chemjet is much easier and quicker to load an exact 20mls dose every time.

8. Chemjet’s bright red handle means easier to spot and quicker to retrieve from the tree.

9. Chemjet does not have to be left in the tree overnight to finish injecting. This means less damage to the injectors from possums or squirrels.

10. Chemjet’s increasing worldwide distribution network allows you to order direct from a local supplier. This means quicker delivery times and better service.

How it works

“Economical, efficient and refillable to control plant diseases by injecting trees.”

The Tree Injector has been successful for the following methods of disease control:

  • Phytophthora, Root Rot, Trunk Cankers and Fruit Rots, in Fruit trees, Avocados and Durian.
  • Conifer Canker.
  • Silver Leaf in Apples and Pear Orchards.
  • Armillaria, Root Rot in Kiwi fruit.
  • Synopsis, Mango Blossom Malformation in Mangoes.
  • Phytophthora, Stem Canker and Black Pod in Cocoa.
  • Systemic Cultar Growth Regulator (Retardent) General.
  • Sudden Oak Death.
  • The Hairy Caterpillar.

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